Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Cooking Accidents

Goat's Milk Vanilla Cheese

Occasionally I follow a recipe, but omit a critical step. For example, I was following a recipe for vanilla ice cream I had found on the Rennet bottle.

The missed step would have produced a yummy custard type dessert that I could freeze. However, I did not notice this step until after I had created this: Vanilla Cheese. The taste of vanilla ice cream, but the texture of cheese curds - squeaky vanilla cheese.

I have since this accident made the ice cream, and it is yummy in its frozen form (someday I need to get an ice cream maker so we can have nicer textured ice cream - but we love the frozen chunky stuff in the mean-time.

We will see this week if I can duplicate the Vanilla Cheese. I want to try it on this chocolate bread my M-I-L brought over!