Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adventures in Stick-to-it-ivness

I did not meet the 1st challenge of Project Simplify. I have managed to reduce a few things from my closet, but I still have not gone through everything, and it still looks horrible in my room with piles of clothes everywhere. The photo to the right is the before photo. I am starting to wonder how many items I should have. I tend to keep clothing forever. I am trying to operate under the idea that the fewer items I have, the easier it will be. Less laundry, less to choose from when getting ready in the morning. However, the last time I got rid of quite a bit of clothing, I found myself regretful for the missing pieces.

I used to watch "What Not To Wear" back when we had cable in Minneapolis. I loved the show. I think it taught me how to dress better for my body type. I was shocked though to read an article that said the people were often left with maybe a weeks worth of clothing. I suppose a weeks worth is enough. You really only need something each work day, and then you do laundry on the weekend. I know there are those who wear "uniforms" where their closet is filled with only one color of shirt and one color of pants, and that is what they always wear. This is not me. I love variety. I carefully cycle my clothes through my closet moving the things I wear to the back of the line and picking something new from near the front of the line. I still wonder though if I could do well with 2 weeks worth of work wear? I guess once I finish going through my clothes I will find out.

As part of my lent project, I have been reading Psalm 119 in the morning - reading one section per day. At night before dinner, I read from "Very Veggie Devos for Kids".Veggies has been amazingly on target with topics. Reminding me to forgive my husband the day we had a fight. Reminding me to speak kindly, and keep close our friends on the day I was feeling distant. The kids have been good sports with the no desert or candy until Easter (except Sundays) idea. I also read a prayer once or twice per workday. I am feeling a little more on track in getting to know God better. I gave 3 hours to a church sewing project, and put a little in the offering this weekend. Not bad for the first 5 days.

I am realizing that part of my goal is very self-serving. Trying to lose winter weight. I hope that the benefit to me does not over-shadow the giving part of my lent. I am trying to be a better me, and that includes seeking God more. When I am hungry, I say a little prayer and remind myself that Jesus' sacrifice was huge in comparison.

The main focus of my weekend was the Sunshine Room. Which is my craft, computer, game, sewing, and guest room. Because I was planning on sewing on Saturday, I had to be able to get at my machine and fabrics. It meant I had to clear up the boxes that I had placed there after last weekend's basement clean up project. I know my focus was supposed to be the wardrobe to stay with the group - but I am content that another key, make me happy room is closer to being what I want it to be.

If you would like, I have journaled my daily food & other stuff below.
Wednesday - up at 7am - I stayed home to get boy child off to his first day of extra school and to appointments in the middle of the day. Breakfast was oatmeal with a little brown sugar, lunch was rye bread with rhubarb-strawberry jam. I spent most of the day preparing Magarista - a traditional Easter Soup. The lamb came from one we just butchered. The soup was great, and the meat very tender. We also tried out a new flat bread recipe I found. It turned out more like a cracker. I emptied my closet, but only got through 3 items before I was called away again. No walk.

Thursday - up at 5am - breakfast was oatmeal by BetterOats - mmm. If you have not tried their products and you like oatmeal, you are missing out. Lunch baked potato with butter and seasoning, plus home made apple sauce. I did have coffee today, and tea. My co-commuter occasionally brings me a mugful with creamer. Extra wakefulness for the morning commute is good. I wore the first outfit that I confirmed works from my wardrobe. I was the only one in the office, so I really did not feel right about taking a walk. Dinner was fried egg sandwiches, broccoli, and wild rice, and pickles. The kids & I took a sledding run - 2 times down the hill. Of course that meant 2 times up - I pulled both kids the first time, and one the 2nd. It was fun and a little exercise. Before work - read Alpha in Psalm 119. During work read the Common Prayer.

Friday - up at 5am Read Beth in Ps119. Breakfast was oatmeal with brown sugar. Read the common prayer again. Feeling very tempted by the office snack table so I ate my pear a little before lunch time. Lunch leftover wild rice & broccoli, plus a canned pear in juice. No coffee today, just tea. Got in a walk. Major munchies today - so I drank a 2nd cup of tea. Dinner fish & green beans & rosemary breadsticks.

Saturday - 5:15am - yippee - tried milking the goat. Not much, and the cat got to it before I remembered to up it up. Made an awesome breakfast of "Eggs in a Puff" from the Better Homes & Gardens red & white checker cookbook. Texted husband and teenager to tell them breakfast in 5 minutes. Was a lovely way to start the day. Daughter & I contributed 3 hours to the churches sewing day - sewed about 6 bags for Ukraine kids. Lunch fruit, crackers, meat & cheese, coffee - Just realized that I broke the no meat during the day. Dinner - sloppy joes made from ground lamb, and home made baking powder biscuits, and corn.

Sunday - forgot my phone alarm is not set for Sundays, turned of my main alarm and overslept - woke up at 8:30am. Still managed to make pancakes for the family, milk the goat, feed the chickens, and get everyone to church on time. The kids enjoyed their desert freedom. Lunch at church - pot luck - yum! I enjoyed my desert freedom too! I'm starting to notice a drop in my appetite! Dinner - leftover hotdish with noodles. Started as soup, but there wasn't enough liquid.

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Julie said...

Hi April,

Love your blog!

I have a thought about the clothes. What if you pick your top 10 favorite winter outfits (or top fav pants and top fav tops) and then top favorite summer outfits, plus 1 or 2 casual for Saturdays. Pack the rest in boxes, and put them in the basement. If you don't miss them for 6 months, then it's probably safe to get rid of them... Just a thought.

You are inspiring. I love the blog.