Monday, March 21, 2011

Finally met a challenge...

But forgot the photos, and then did not post the blog until the following week - sigh.

When we first moved into our house (8/2008) we had the kids in separate rooms. In those rooms, it looked like they did not have many toys. Then we rearranged the house and now we have them in one room. It showed instantly how many toys they really have. Add a few birthdays and Christmases and suddenly we are bursting at the seams.

A few months ago I had the kids start minimizing their toys. Boy child was very reluctant to part with anything - kinda like his Mama. Girl child was quite willing to part with quite a bit, and some items I thought she should keep, but I tried to allow anything. After several different tactics I convinced boy child by telling him it would just be temporary; we would just put it all in a closet and look at it again before we decided what to sell or give away. However, I still looked in their room and felt they had too much.

Then the 3/21-25 Simplicity Challenge project - the kid's clothes and toys.

I started on Monday evening with a quick look at two of my son's drawers. Although for future reference, asking a very tired boy what he wants to give up is not a good idea. He has the fewest clothing items of anyone in the house. I had him start by picking out his favorite 5, and then 5 more. I then allowed him to say which others he liked. He gave up 3 or 4 items! I was very proud. I often avoid laundry or do not get through it all for two weeks at a time, so I need to be sure he has enough during those weeks. I am aiming for a good two week supply for all clothes in the home!

Wednesday we were fortunate to have a snow day (trying to look at the bright side of 10" of snow after a week of most of it melting away!). This allowed for a full fledged toy/clothes day. We dumped out all the toys, had the kids list their most favorite thing to play - these items went in the under bed bins. I limited their stuffed toys to one shelf each. I took out the block bucket and the Lincoln logs. I left a bin of cars and a bin of baby doll items and a bin of dinosaurs. I parked a few trucks under shelves, and used a shelf as a baby bunk bed. I pulled a lot from their room, although the doll house items are still a little overwhelming. Took out a basket of girl clothes, and probably another bin worth of other things. All items are currently being housed in the linen cupboard to be further sorted pre-yard sale day. It feels better in their room, but still needs work.

This snow day made me think that a lot of the people who follow the simplicity challenges must be stay at home moms because it was not quite so overwhelming being able to go through their room over the course of one day, versus trying to fit it into occasional evenings, and usual weekend cleaning days.

Girl child is blessed to have several older girl cousins and friends. She has several bins of clothes given to her for every size and season. This was a very refreshing experience to limit her clothes even further - her dresser drawers now close easily! I will admit though that the laundry was not done at the time of sorting. I will have to finish this project sometime this week after the laundry is complete. Plus I did not even approach the minimizing of her dresses!

Side note from the paper challenge. I am trying to do a little each day to reduce what we have. In going through the desk and rediscovering the letter writing supplies I decided I was going to start doing what I really desire to do: write real letters, and thank you notes. So I had the kids start one to my parents. We included the valentines we never sent, and the school picture from spring. It is a larger package than anticipated, but I think if we can set aside one per week, we will reach everyone this year we meant to reach. Plus, I will start using up the oversupply of envelopes and cards!

Because I am late posting last week, I will sign off for now. Food logs below.
Monday - stupid day. up at 5:10. discovered something got at least 9 of my chickens - dog of some sort. Just when they are laying well! I counted 13 remaining. GRUMPY! I am the only one it the office today. Breakfast - usual. Decided to not milk this goat anymore - hubby wants to get me a nubbian - good full sized milking goats. Lunch yogurt, cranberries, 2 hb eggs, soda bread, apple sauce. I said to hubby I want dinner to make itself - and the result was: frz pizza & popcorn & milk. And later, he helped do 50% of dishes - which is almost like them doing themselves. up late - tv night. on 3/21: I am feeling downtrodden. Worn down, and ready to quit. How shall I ever get my life in order when I cannot finish even the simple weekly challenge. sigh. Starting out my week with a dog getting 50% of my chickens really puts a damper on the yearning I have to be a farm wife. The paper clutter really has me down, and my inability to do everything really makes me depressed right now.

Tuesday - still trying to get up eariler - but tuesdays are so hard with monday being tv night. up at 5:15. Didn't go chores or read until i got to work. am coffee. breakfast oatmeal w/brown sugar. lunch potato with butter & spike, applesauce. no walk raining. Dinner: Lamb chops with balsamic reduction, brown rice, frz broc/cauli.

Wednesday - SNOW DAY!!! 10" where I live, and huge drifts. Breakfast - oatmeal, lunch - tomato soup & grilled cheese on rosemary bread. Dinner - baked beans, corn bread, squash, salad.

Thursday - breakfast - tried new BetterOats - abundance apple & cinnamon - very yummy & hearty tasting. Lunch - peaches & yogurt, potato, broccoli, celery, pickles. Dinner - just the kids & I again, so we had pancakes, and salad - odd, but still yummy.

Friday - breakfast apple & cinnamon oatmeal, lunch - coworker brought in great harvest cranberry & orange bread, hunger or munchies cannot decide, cin/raison bagel... very bread heavy today. Dinner - should be fish, but since we haven't had meat for a few days - made a ground lamb "spaghetti", it was listed as spaghetti, but no tomato sauce. Ground lamb in white wine & garlic, parsley, curry, paprika, and cayanne - it was awesome. Everyone loved it - so excited for new recipes!

Saturday - Monday - Daughter & I joined MIL, and 3 neices, drove to iowa, stayed two overnights, saw awesome sites, and had fun - because we were out & about we abandoned the rules - or remembered them sporadically. Was fun though. Stepped on MIL's scale to check my numbers - they appear to be back to usual - now if I could just actually lose more than just the winter flub!

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