Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent 2012 - a confession

4 weeks in and I have nothing saved.

I started strong. I put in the cash I received from my ride-sharer. The birthday money my mom and dad sent me. Then pulled $300 cash from my paycheck. I was excited for my big start. Only two weeks in and already closing in on $400!

Then life happened.

With gas prices were rising, we knew we had to get my 40+ mpg metro running. My hubby had a friend stop by and offered to finish up the metro for $100! It was a good price and I knew I had the cash on hand. Then there were parts needed $60. And a few more parts $40. Then the hubby reminded me of the $100 I had borrowed from the farm fund. Then the $50 for tabs and plates.

Did I forget to mention the seed sale at Menards? That used up the remaining $20.

That is why I have nothing saved after 4 weeks.

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