Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crash Diets - Follow Up

Before picture - taken in a super schlumpy outfit while not standing up straight. One of the best ways to improve your after photo!

Look at this, a different layer and already it looks a little better.

And here, same outfit just standing straight and tucked. Improved after photo already - all taken the same day as my before photo - giggle

Tuesday I plan to find a scale at the store. Just to try out for my weekly weigh in, well maybe I will try several.  I am still debating whether or not I really want one in the house. When we used to have one, I would step on it nearly every day, and if I was unhappy about the number I would have a very annoyed day. I do not like the power that number can have over me. I have been very content to weigh in occasionally when I am at the doctors office. However there is much research that states that weighing in once per week is the best way to keep your weight loss on track. I am not sure what I will do.

In pursuit of my "crash diet" I have been drinking more water and trying to eat fewer grains and avoid sweets. I am always amazed by how much grain my family eats and how the amount is directly related to our income. We have grain at nearly every meal, and very often only eat grain (buttered pasta is a favorite). I have tried very hard to instill in my children the need for a little of each: grain, fruit/vegetable, and protein. Usually their school lunches are packed that way, however, unless I plan, I do not always remember everything at dinner time. Plus, if you count the cost of a pound of pasta ($1 for a box of one ingredient pasta) that will easily fill up my family, versus a pound of fruit or vegetable which will not go very far.

I want to exhibit healthy eating for my children, so I always try to eat everything I am serving them, be a good example. So far I have felt like I am eating less grains than before, but maybe not enough of a change to make a crashing difference.

Plus I adore baking. How does a girl who loves baking cut back on grains. Seriously there is nothing better in my world than a slice or five of freshly baked bread, buttered and still warm.

My willpower over sweets has been steady. I am very impressed with myself. I even avoided late night sugar cravings by eating yogurt and frozen berries.

Exercise has also been increased.

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