Sunday, April 7, 2013


I do not remember much about my maternal grandfather, Tom Norton.

We did not see him or grandma Alice, much while I was growing up.

The thing I remember most was his music. He would pull out his concertina, or fiddle, or harmonica and we would all sit and listen.

I also remember dancing. Grandpa & grandma dancing. I would dance with grandma too while grandpa played. This is what I remember most about him.

That and his smile, "And how's April today?"

My aunts tell me that he was always telling stories. I do not remember the stories. Perhaps I was not there to hear them. I wish I had.

On Monday he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. They said he didn't have much time left.

My grandpa is preparing for his final journey. He has lived a full and wonderful life. In photos you can see the long and caring relationship he had with my grandma. Their life long love and service is admirable.

This Sunday morning I got a text from my cousin telling me that Grandpa is now in heaven. He passed peacefully held by his loving bride and surrounded by his children.

Once I finally got out of bed this morning, I looked out the window and shouted with glee, "Bella has two" ran down the stairs. Our last babies of the season, now are named Tom & Alice. Although Tommie might be a girl.

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