Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 13 - Cover


Diamonds covered the field as I drove home. Offering a visual abundance. A reminder of hope. My snow covered fields sparkling in the sun.

I quickly ran into the house and glanced around for my camera, couldn't find it so I grabbed my computer. Walked quickly down the property. Unfortunately my computer camera was unable to completely capture the amazing splendor of the view.

I am enjoying this forced daily writing. I will try to continue it past these 40 days. If you have words you would like me to ponder, please let me know!

Real food update: tonight I made soup for the family. I was able to use up several lingering cans of tomatoes and peas. It was yummy. I am finding myself having days where I keep my grain consumption in check and I feel better, then there are days that have way too many grains, and I find myself at the end of those days craving sugary treats. 

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