Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 2 - Return

I originally wanted to take a photo of the return key, but figured it would be not very thoughtful.

Even return on the keyboard brings you back to the beginning, leading edge.

Right now I am waiting at the ER on valentines day while my hubby, who fell down the icy stairs at home is getting pumped full of drugs. More than anything I want to return home to my low key easy afternoon. My kids and I doing laundry, finishing homework, holding chickies.

In the ER on Valentines!  Quality Family Time!

A return to normal.

A return to peace instead of worry. Last week I was ill, and I had to work overtime. This week brings a 2nd deadline and more overtime. I would like a return a more even pace, more relaxed. 

Actually I dream of being debt free, working from home, pursuing  a more creative path.

A return to simpler times.

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