Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 1 - Who Am I?

This year for lent we are giving up "bad" food that is food that is not real. This is really more of a process for us to weed out the few things we still eat from the unreal category. I would like to do away with all white flour (not white whole wheat though). I would like to cut back our sugar to occasionally, and substitute it with honey, molasses, maple syrup and other simple sweetners. Those are the big two in our world.

Then I came across this photos for 40 days and thought I would try this as well.

Who am I?

I am who you think I am. If we are to be an example to the world, no matter how large our world is, than we are who we appear to be. Appearances and assumptions are what we are to outsiders. Who I choose to be may alter your perception of me but really what I do and say really are the source of who I am. Perhaps when you think of me I am dressed in a beautiful ball gown from one of my glamorous parties. Maybe your encounters with me have been as the Apple Lady. Watching facebook you might know me as a small homesteader or a baker, or maybe you remember me covered in chickies!

aka: Eve the Apple Lady

aka: from scratch baker

in a ball gown

ready to go out.

covered in chickies!

I want to be known as creative, artistic, generous, kind, understanding, loving... I wish more than anything to be a good example to my children. I know I have successes and failures.

What do you see that shows you who I am?

#rethinkchurch #40days

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nana said...

The April I know is friendly, helpful, creative, amusing, imaginative, loving and a wonderful Mom. I think that same April shows up in many of her guises, which leads me to the conviction that she is her true self and that I am glad she is in my world.