Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 17 - Prophet

A prophet is one who knows things about the future that most people do not.I am trying to think of what it looks like. I have seen photos of people with sandwich boards with prophetic sayings. I have heard people say things that have later come true. When I hear Prophet I think profit. I also thing aboutold testament men in home spun robes eating odd desert food.Raising goats and sheep makes me see alot of the bible stories in a different light. Learning about the land and eating wild foods makes locust and honey sound intreguing. The fact that we are compared to sheep makes me giggle sometimes because sheep really are not smart. They spook over silly things and run headlong as a group. Buying grown sheep is not always a good idea.They do not know us and so they panic more. good night. i am tired. i have no inspiration today. and my computer will not allow me to update and change any of my mistakes - sorry.

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