Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 44 - Cup


I blew out a cup's worth of eggs today. Eggs for the kids to paint. The eggs I will be able to use in baking for an Easter Party. We rarely do the typical hard boiled color kits. I like blowing out eggs because they last longer and you have a lovely collection from year to year. I need to start storing them more securely though, we break a bunch throughout the years. Maybe this year I will remember to put them in egg cartons!

The amount of unreal food in the house is dwindling. It has been especially hard on my husband who is a devout follower of all things fake. Because of this I try to mix up the usual meal choices, make new treats, bake more. Unfortunately I am out of flour again, and there is nothing easy for my husband to feed the children who are home from school tomorrow.

I have a few boxed baking mixes in the cupboard, Completely unreal and full of junk, but I may have to resort to baking them for consumptions tomorrow and the family Easter Party so that I do not over extend the budget.

I really should find a place to get 50lb Bags of whole wheat flour like my mom did when we were growing up. Maybe I would stop running out.

Can i borrow a cup or two of flour ;)

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