Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 31 - Temper

We sold some of our baby goats today. I always hate to see them go so early, but people enjoy the idea of bottle babies because they are much friendlier.

Unfortunately one of our customers discovered fleas on the goats after they brought them into their home. Then paid $100 to get rid of the fleas. Now they expect us to drive 70 miles (140 round trip) to refund their $100 or they are threatening to report to craigslist and the humane society.

Now we have a horrible cold sinking feeling in our guts.

Their temper tantrum is potentially going to cause a huge problem.

Our minds are now rolling with what ifs. The texts are such that there is no way to speak logic to them. They purchased farm animals, on a cool, muddy, gross, end of winter day. How do you calm them before they tear a hole in the very fabric of our lives.

I am familiar with this type of customer, they are not happy no matter how far you bend over backwards for them. There is no smoothing it over.

What if the humane society inspects us and claims our animals are neglected and takes them away?
What if craigslist black lists us and we no longer have that option for selling things?
What if they see the state of our home where sometimes goats roam, plus chickens in the basement, and they decide that we are not properly caring for our own children?

I know our animals are happy. I also know that things in the early spring on the farm are horrible and gross and mucky and full of poo. We think the fleas were brought in by our new milking sheep. We have just realized they are always itching themselves. There is no way to treat them until their wool is shorn in a month. Can I possibly clean things enough to satisfy someone fueled by a temper rampage or smooth things over with a unsatisfied customer?

Are we one of those horrible places you see on the animal horror shows. Where people can hardly believe the conditions the animals live in. I know it is not clean, but is it that bad?

Given the option, I would drive to their home, give them their money back and bring my babies home.

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