Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 41 - Rejoice


How can I rejoice in suffering and sorrow. Trials and tribulations mean we are growing stronger in character, however, it does not make it easier to bear.

This winter and spring - if you can call it that - has been hard. We have lost so many animals especially babies this year, it has been horribly tough. I feel like everything I have learned this far is pointless because it does not seem to have had an affect. Money has been too tight to call a vet - not that there are any actual vets who will help us with our goats.

In this area there are one or two vets who are goat qualified. Neither of them can take any new clients.

We need to go to vet school, and learn more about our animals, and provide better care for them, and for our friends who we are selling goats to. I also need to figure out a way to afford a barn which will ease much of our problems, theoretically.


Perhaps I have gained a better perspective on what we should be doing or what we need. Perhaps I have gained a thicker skin toward death. With winter hanging on with both fists, and my shrinking paycheck, I am having trouble seeing the silver lining.


I have much that I have been blessed with, and I rejoice in all the good around me. I can rejoice in the every day small pleasures and pray for a better tomorrow.


Right now I am rejoicing over the blueberry filled rolls I just took out of the oven - mmmm.

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