Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 34 - Rise

Breads rise.

I love baking bread.

When I came home from work today my husband sheepishly told me he had consumed an entire bag of  scones from the freezer. "I eat a lot of bread during the day, and there is no other bread right now."

I set about starting a batch of bread. I asked my son what kind he wanted me to bake and he requested something new, something from a cookbook.

I pulled down my "French Farm House Cookbook" by Susan Herrmann Loomis (thank you Chris & Jackie!) and turned to the Pain (bread) section. There were several typical recipes for yeast breads, then he got excited when he saw "Ham and Parsley Bread." I was hoping we would all like it because I was not sure what else we would eat for dinner.

It is amazing! My son has requested that we make it again, and we are not even through the first loaf. Very rich and filling. Eggs and baking powder are what make this bread rise.

It is a fun book because it gives stories about the areas the recipes are from as well as about the food or the people the author gathered the recipes from. The bread section has a definition of sorts about the difference between a Boulangerie and a Patisserie. The first being primarily breads with some sweets, the second being mostly sweets and some breads. I would rather own the Boulangerie!

For dinner I also wanted to make some ratatouille. However the directions are very long and involved. While it cooked we ate bread and raw vegetables. I only just finished the ratatouille. Too bad I am not hungry because it tastes so good. I also pulled the recipe from the French Farm book.

I love it when a new recipe exceeds my expectations.

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