Sunday, March 17, 2013

day 33 - New

I tried some new recipes for preserving tomatoes and peppers this last week.

Roasted peppers, roasted tomatoes, and tomato paste!

I am most excited by the tomato paste - so many recipes call for those little cans of super concentrated tomato flavor! It took me 2 days, and many Roma tomatoes to create the final product: 3 cups of tomato paste.

Tonight we ate pizza: smothered in tomato paste (mine is not as thick as the store kind), roasted red and green peppers, onions, turkey ham, and home made feta. It was amazing! Too bad I did not think to take a photo because it is now all gone.

Tomato paste:
Chop and cook tomatoes until soft
Push through metal strainer or use a food mill to get out seeds and skin
Put in the oven 300 for a few hours, stirring occasionally, turn off oven, go to bed
Forget about it
Turn on the oven for something else the next day
Realize the tomatoes are still in the oven, stir, see that they are still liquidy
Leave oven on for a few more hours, stirring occasionally
Leave tomatoes in oven and turn it off
Suddenly realize when turning on the oven for pizza that there is tomatoes in the oven, pull them out in a panic because they are starting to get a little black around the edges, realize they are actually perfect consistency, rejoice.
Put paste into jar or jars, cover with a thick layer of olive oil to preserve.

There are recipes online that you are probably better off following for time and temperature.

Roasted peppers:
Turn on boiler
Coat pan with olive oil
Put whole peppers on pan
Put under broiler for about 5 minutes
Take out when black on one side
Flip to unblackend side
Repeat until whole pepper is mosly black
Let cool slightly in paper bag or covered container
Peel (red pepper peel the easiest, yellow are a little harder, green are the hardest)
Cut out the seeds

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