Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 29 - Water

My kids are taking swimming lessons, first time, level 1. I am amazed at how quickly they are catching on to swimming. Girl child has no fear and is swimming underwater a little already. Boy child has a little fear, but is trying and is not far behind girl. Very proud and excited for them.

My picture is related to something else that came up today.

I was reading a small business newspaper. It was talking about how it really is not as risky as you would think to start a new business. Perhaps it is more risky to start a new job - most people stay at a company for less than 5 years. Most small businesses last more than 5 years. 

Since having children and moving to the farm I have longed to be home full time. Our financial situation does not allow this. I need a home based income source and then i will not need to work away from home.

Then I started pondering as I always do, how to go about starting my own business and what it would be. This always leads to 50 brilliant ideas many of which are at odds with each other.

Thinking, pondering, and praying - which direction do I choose, what should I pursue. Should I really be looking harder for work closer to home, or do I stick were I am and try to create a home business.

Giving in to temptation I picked up a Dove Chocolate Promise:

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