Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 26 - Ate

Today for dinner we ate completely against the real food plan. Instant potatoes made with evaporated milk, halloween turns-your-mouth-black Koolaid, canned peaches with sugar in them, and while we were eating I had enriched white flour bread rising on the counter, and jello setting in the fridge.

It has been one of those days.

We had friends stop by to see the new babies, plus we had four new babies born today. We were sorting through my second case of peas when suddenly we realized it was 6 pm and had no plans for dinner. The chili we had eaten for lunch was not what we wanted for dinner. I had used up the last of my whole wheat flour making biscuits earlier and we are still waiting for the lamb to come back from the butcher.

I sent the kids to the basement to dig through the bags of unreal food and choose anything they wanted.

Vin brought:
Instant potatoes

and Lily brought:

There was the pot of peas I cooked and served. Unfortunately only 2 of us like cooked peas.

So now I am sitting on the sofa, typing, reading Facebook, eating white bread smothered in jelly and peanut butter, wondering how I am going to make it through this next week. I am overwhelmed with goat babies. I am overwhelmed with produce. I am overwhelmed with an ultra-tight budget. I am overwhelmed by winters unending grasp. I am overwhelmed by all the ice that surrounds my home making it treacherous for my husband. I am overwhelmed by the daily choices that must be made when trying to best aid our farm in growing and producing.

And so today I threw out the rules and ate too much junk and cried for the loss of one little lamb that I worked too hard to save. It seems my intervention is always wrong.

At least it is homemade warm tasty white bread?

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