Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 40 - Blessed

How am I blessed? Let me count the ways.

I have a husband who loves me even when I am not being kind in return.
I have children who adore me even when I am too busy to be with them.
I have family and friends who love me.
I have great neighbors.
I have a beautiful home full of items I enjoy.
I have a vehicle that runs.
I have a job.
I can bake very good bread that people will pay to buy and eat.
I can raise goats who produce milk that I can make into cheese and yogurt.
I got more than 1 gallon of milk from my goats today!
I can read.
I fall asleep easily.
I am good with numbers and paperwork.
I have paid down my debt, slowly but surely.
I have a budget and I have been sticking to is for at least 2 years.
I have property.
I know how to preserve food.
I have internet and computer access at home.
I can work from home at least once per week.

I could continue but my time is running short. The bread is out of the oven and I need my sleep.

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