Sunday, March 31, 2013



I actually did it. I stuck with something for the entire length of the challenge. I wrote every day, perhaps not my best work, but I got in here and wrote. I put a photo up too. Somedays I tried really hard, other days I just threw it together - as I am sure you could tell. Still, every day writing.

Amazing. I never do this.

Now the real food thing did not go as well. That was my usual attempt that faded off. Especially this past week - week and a half. Too much stress led to not saying no, and ending up eating a ton of junk food. The scale at the store agreed with my feeling that I had gone overboard. 

Here is to a healthy change reboot.

Fun little experiment:
I put the last inch of a celery bunch in a cup of water - look it's growing!

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