Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 32 - Surround

I am lucky.

We brought home the two baby goats who we had sold but things had turned bad. Apparently the woman who bought them surrounds herself with the wrong sort of people. Overbearing, bitter, controlling people - or at least one friend. The friend was the one who sent the startling messages with unforgiving tones. The purchaser was simply worried about her baby goats and asked a friend for help. The friend then made assumptions which lead to accusations. The fleas assumption was from one goat having sore ears from his car mate trying to "nurse" on his ears. The other assumption was how to feed a baby goat a bottle. Goat babies need it upside down or nearly so to duplicate typical nursing position on a mama goat. I wish she had just called us and asked for advice, it may have saved many hours of heartache for all of us. We are now planning a fact sheet for all future purchasers.

I have many wonderful people who surround me. One of those friends drove the over 140 miles to go fetch the babies and bring them home, and then helped us milk all our goats and feed the little guys. In exchange Harold is now theirs.

We are fortunate indeed.

Thank you all who offered good words and kind thoughts.

And speaking of surround - I am surrounded by some of the best kids!

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