Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 19 - Thirst


Today my wonderful goat Emily gave birth. First born was tiny Reuben. He is the smallest of triplets. Three born on 3/3/13. Usually within 5 - 10 minutes of being born a goat will try to stand. Reuben did not do much of anything except doze. I helped Emily out by moving the three to a less soggy location, drying them slightly. 

We decided to bring Reuben in to bottle feed him once we saw his siblings both stand. We gave him a little honey and used a syringe to get some stored colostrum into him. One of our goats lost her baby so we luckily had fairly fresh first milk in the fridge. 

Without that desire to live, the struggle to stand, the thirst, he had to be coaxed into living. Once he found that desire we all rejoiced.

It seemed like it took all day, but he is now truly thirsty. He is up and walking around on his own and looks like he will make it! His (almost twice his size) brother and sister are doing fine out with Emily and the other goats.

In case you are curious, we are selling most of our babies. Reuben has already by claimed. Current baby count 5. More to come!

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