Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 28 - Silence

The sound of baby goats and sheep and chickens rules my home of late. Except after dark. Once all the babies are tucked in their respective beds and bins and the chick lights go out silence rules. A strange vibrating silence from the fridge periodically running, the house fan kicking on and off, the rabbits as they shift about their cage.

Earlier this evening we brought in the two born today. They are not silent, they are screamers, and not like the nice soft newborn sound that most of our babies have, no, they are intensely loud, vital, enthusiastic screamers. We named them Burt & Ernie Reindeer. Below is Ernie.

I have been feeling overwhelmed lately. There is much to do and my time seems already spread so thin, thinner than our budget. The kids do not really notice the odd dinners, but my husband is starting to feel desperate for some meat with his dinner.

The lamb will come back from the butcher on Thursday, just a few more days.

One of the reasons I am feeling overwhelmed is the lack of funds for groceries. Not that we do not have tons of food in the house. However, since I am not a planner, dinner always feels odd and thrown together. Because I am trying to avoid the grocery, it is even more odd and thrown together, because I do not feel like I have anything to make. Mostly because we are out of our standard grains. Never mind that I have so many vegetables in the house that we could eat salad constantly for days and still have more than enough. Perhaps if I cook a chicken tomorrow it will feel better. Make a plan.

I know planning helps. I know that if I just sat down and wrote out what we were eating we would have more than enough for the rest of the month. Instead I feel strained and strapped because there are not some of my old standbys. I have all the fixings for a lovely meal of chicken & potatoes. I could make stuffed peppers with wild rice. I could make rattatuii.

Instead I sit here lamenting because there is only ugly white flour in the cupboard and no pasta. Seriously what is my issue.

Mostly I am just worn out from all the babies (we are up to 11 goat babies, 3 lambs - and more on the way, 23 chicks.) There is too much to do with working full time and trying to do this farm life thing.

It will get easier. I will learn to enjoy the silence and the noise.

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