Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 35 - Dream

I am working on perfecting my 100% whole wheat bread. I found two recipes online that were within my requirements and tried them both out - new methods. Looking for the best method to make my dream bread.

Unfortunately they both require several hours and extra steps which leads me to now, 10:28 pm and I am just putting them in the oven - and it is before I am supposed to, so they will not be as highly risen as I was hoping.

It was either that or set an alarm and nap on the couch and hope I got enough sleep between rising and baking.

So here I sit waiting for the bread to bake and thinking about today.

My husband has a social security claim which has finally come to the hearing phase. We are scheduled next week. We went in to talk with the lawyer today and he said we should just drop the case with no contest because there is no evidence to support our case.


How do you wait for 2 1/2 years, going through endless waiting periods, filling out paper work, struggling, hoping, only to have the lawyers give up on you a week before the hearing. Apparently Seth does not go to the doctor often enough, and does too much. Never mind that chores that I can finish in 30 minutes take him 2-4 hours depending on the day.

The problem in my sleep deprived brain's opinion is I have not staying on top of this. I have not kept all the medical records, I have not been recording days he can't go to work because of pain, I have not been pushing him to go to doctor's appointments. I did not have the energy or organization capabilities to do that. I thought this lawyer was different and was keeping on top of things. So maybe tomorrow I will call the doctors and ask for copies of all the records and fax them to the lawyer, and maybe I will write up statements about his work record, you know, do the lawyers job for them.

I am so tired of struggling against this. I just want to give up. Can I please?

Photo won't post.

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Cynthia said...

Feeling your pain and anger, April. This has been such a long, long struggle. Please don't give up before the hearing. You might want to do it without the (&*&^ lawyer though.

Can you get his job to document his absences?

The point you made about Seth's need to work slowly and take breaks is actually very important. A PT I know made that the center of her testimony in a malpractice lawsuit for a young child. In addition, you might point out that normal changes due to agiing will probably make things worse in the future, like tey have with Andrea. (Sorry).

Do send for the medical records, but I'd keep a copy if you give them to the lawyer. And read them!

Sending all kinds of supportive thoughts your way!