Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 25 - Faithful

The word faithful reminds me of the parable of the talents. "He who is faithful with much will be given much."

Today we received much from Matthew 25 food distribution. 5 cases of tomatoes, 3 cases of bell peppers, and 2 cases of snow peas.

My children and husband were disappointed that we arrived late and missed the fruit. Last time I was able to use the blueberries we received to make scones - 3 batches - each of which disappeared in less than 24 hours. Plus the fruit is always nice to have in the house for lunches. Benefits to arriving late were that we could take as much of what was left as we could use.

I have spent much of today faithfully sorting peas, blanching peas, cooling peas, bagging peas, freezing peas. Blanching tomatoes, peeling tomatoes, pureeing tomatoes, chopping peppers, soaking beans, cooking beans, chopping peppers, and still I need to do more to have a super sized pot of chili tomorrow. This evening I remembered the fat jar in the fridge and made biscuits.  Got rave reviews and it went really well with the tomato stew I made for lunch and dinner.

Faithful with much? I sometimes struggle with finding ways to keep up with the much. Sometimes I am not faithful and let it go bad because I lack motivation or inspiration or simply lack time.

I want to create perfection in my recipes and that often means I am searching the internet for new ideas. I am currently looking up how to make tomato paste. I let myself get lost in the search instead of sticking with what I know and at least not wasting what I have. My husband is really hoping for stuffed peppers with lamb. mmmmmmmm. We should have lamb next week.

I hope to be faithful and use it all even if I just make several large batches of tomato sauce.

Thanks hubby for helping me fill out this post.

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Anonymous said...

Remember in this life there is much we control, and some we don't. Getting lost in research sometimes has benefits that outweigh the short term. Such as the new knowledge you carry with you, added unto yourself and your talents vs missing a few pots of beans. Although a nice balance of theory and action is usually quite fruitful, i think anyway. Great work i like the new blog. Chaz